Help To Stop Thinking About Food All Of The Time

November 25, 2013 in Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Roseanna Leaton As soon as you think you shouldn’t do something you feel an inexorable pull towards the very thing that you are trying to avoid.  It is an inevitable fact of life due to the way in which your mind works. Thus, whenever you either want to lose weight or avoid certain food types for varying reasons you most often find that your mind becomes fixated with those foods.  It often seems that the end result is that you crave and eat those foods more than before and an opposite effect happens than that which you set out to achieve. This, needless to say, can be an incredibly frustrating experience.  The harder you try to not do whatever it is the more you want to do it and a tough battle ensues. The person involved in this tussle ends up coming to one of two conclusions.  Either they decide that they have no will power at all and simply cannot stop thinking about food or eating those food types, or they take a step back and decide that their must be a different way in which to tackle the issue. Thus if you do manage to stick to your plans and avoid those foods you will usually find that you are the exception to the rule.  Hence when I went to see my doctor about a high cholesterol issue, she was very surprised that I had stuck to a different eating plan and reduced my LDL cholesterol level significantly.
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Lose Weight – Find Hidden Calories

November 22, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, Recipes, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By Sheila Dicks If it seems that you have been eating as usual and the pounds seem to be creeping on – you could be a victim of hidden calories. When we are busy, stressed or focused on something else we reach for convenient snacks that are usually high in fat. This unconscious eating will add up to a whole of extra calories in the course of a day or week. This mindless eating is nothing more than a habit that can be broken. To get this habit under control write down everything you eat for the next 3 weeks – everything! Be on guard for those times when you are more susceptible to unconscious eating. At work: You find bowls of candy on coworkers’ desks Your coworkers bring in doughnuts and pastries Office gatherings – where you will always lots of fatty food At home: You’re cooking dinner and sample the food – these calories add up Your children don’t eat all their food – you eat that too – more calories While talking on the phone – there goes how many cookies? When you are worried When you are happy Dining out: You eat the bread that is served before the meal You have a drink before your meal You eat dessert which you usually don’t do Parties: Endless party snacks that are full of fat and calories Talking while you eat is the easiest way to take in those extra calories Then those drinks again – it
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Healthy Eating On A Low Budget

November 20, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Linda Lazarides People often say that healthy eating is expensive if you’re on a low-income. In fact, healthy eating is very affordable, for the simple reason that the most nutritionally lacking foods have usually undergone the most processing. You have to pay for the processing and for the elaborate and unnecessary packaging that often goes with it.  On the other hand, the healthiest foods tend to be in their natural state: fresh fruit and vegetables, raw salads, beans, lentils, nuts, sunflower seeds, oats, brown rice, olive oil, natural yoghurt and fish. They are all cheap, but you do have to know how to prepare and cook them. Sadly, fewer and fewer people these days are brought up knowing how to cook. Hopefully this article will not only help inspire you to eat healthier foods but also give you some tips for preparing simple, healthy meals.  The principles of healthy eating  If you make sure that at least 90 per cent of your daily food intake consists of the ingredients listed above, you will have a good chance of not developing the diseases that plague most people in later life and destroy the quality of their life. The remaining 10 per cent of your diet can consist of anything you like, so there is plenty of scope to have treats every day.  Foods to beware of  The more fat, sugar and white flour food contains, the more unhealthy it becomes. Some examples are sausages, burgers, deep-fried food, crispy coatings on
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The Benefits Of Healthy Snacking

November 19, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Harry Fassett When it comes to the average American’s battle with weight and the waistline, one front where many of us are losing ground is the snack department. Our appetite for soft drinks, chips, cookies, candies and French fries is a major source of our seeming incessant weight gain. For anyone who wants to lose weight, developing healthy snack habits is of primary importance. Why Chips, Fries and Cookies Are Making You Fat and Unhealthy To understand why healthy snacking is so important, it first helps to gain a rudimentary understanding of what high-carb, fatty and sugary snacks are doing to your body. Typical American snack foods are almost all complex carbohydrates and refined sugars. When these are ingested, your body transforms them into glucose. There’s nothing wrong with glucose in and of itself; glucose is the gasoline that your body uses to power its engine. However, too much glucose in your bloodstream quickly becomes toxic. That’s where insulin comes into play. The job of insulin is to take glucose out of your bloodstream and store it somewhere else. When insulin runs out of room in the liver and the muscles, it transforms extra glucose into fat. What’s more, when your body is constantly flooding your bloodstream with insulin, two other consequences occur. First, your body gradually becomes more and more insulin resistant, which eventually leads to diabetes. Second, by quickly removing all that glucose from your bloodstream, you experience the famous “sugar crash” or “post-lunch drowsiness.” These symptoms
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5 Weight Loss Solutions For Teenagers

November 14, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Mohd Hizer Hasan Consuming too much food shall add up too much calories in your body. One of the best weight loss solutions is to watch what you consume and take control of your calorie intake. If you have been wondering about and looking for the best weight loss solutions, watching what you eat and controlling the food you eat is one of the best weight loss solutions. Although you are also required to perform some exercises, watching and controlling what you eat is also the contributing key to make you lose weight. Here are 5 weight loss solutions that you can put into daily use: 1. During your task watching the food that you eat, getting the assistance of your family members will be very useful. As your parents are the one in charge of procuring foods, you should have a discussion with them concerning making healthier options or you should join them in selecting groceries, cooking the food and preparing the food. 2. Be careful of what your drink. Do not drink too much juice, too many sodas as well as too many sports drinks. Replace those sugar laden drinks with water and by doing this will help you reduce sugar intake thus making you saving a great amount of calories. Sodas are drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is a processed food and helps you to gain weight faster. As sugar is already processed, upon entering our system, our digestive system detects that it
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Best Tips For A Fast Safe Weight Loss

November 13, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Alan Lim Once you put on extra pounds, it seems very difficult to shed them off. There are many plans that shed those extra pounds through fast safe weight loss but you need to see if those are healthy for you and guarantee a permanent weight loss. Once you put on extra pounds, it seems very difficult to shed them off. There are many dietitians, therapists, supplements to help you shed those extra pounds, which promise you a fast safe weight loss but you need to see if those are healthy for you and guarantee a permanent weight loss. So to ensure you’re on the safe path, follow the following tips and stay healthy and fit. ·         To start anything you need a strong will power and passion for it. You need to make up your mind and start right away in order to lose weight. ·         Stop being lazy and relying on the technology available. Walk instead of driving, play with your dog or kids instead of watching TV and in malls try using the stairs instead of escalators. Start with light home exercises. Mow your lawn, do gardening yourself, dance to your favorite music and walk or cycle to your destination. ·         For a fast safe weight loss, you need to see what you’re eating. Before you buy anything at a store, read its ingredients and look for the amount of fats and calories you’re taking in. ·         Eat healthy, so add lots of fruits and vegetables
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Weight Loss Cure What Nobody Tells You

November 12, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Recipes, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Alan Lim   You have come across a magical weight loss cure that involves no exercise and can give you results in a short time without telling you the whole story. Every so often, the weight loss cure that is being put forth as effective has not been tested over time for its effects on health. While there is no denying that some cures are effective, there are certain signs that you are not choosing the right diet for your body. Digestion You are advised to gorge on salads as a part of a weight loss cure. Though salads are low on calorie content, if not washed properly the vegetables will cause havoc with your health. The second thing is that salads are not easy to digest. Opt for boiled vegetables if you face this problem. Often the cure focuses on a particular food or set of foods to give you the success of reaching your target weight. If your stomach does not feel sated after a prescribed meal and leads to severe hunger pangs soon afterwards, eat more cooked food. If you feel constipated, add spinach soup into your daily meal plan. Skin tone The weight loss cure will not tell you the effect of extreme food reduction on your skin. Reduced fat intake makes the skin sag and if you have not taken care to consume sufficient fluids, it will look lifeless. To keep the skin looking good, consume fish oils, dry fruits and lots of water
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Weight Training: Basics Get Big Results

November 11, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

Howard McGarity Resistance training is the fastest way to lose weight, change your body shape, increase strength and improve your health. But, to get results, you have to do it correctly. Here are five basic weight training principles that will get you lean, strong and healthy. The gym is noisy and there is a lot of sweating going on. Pain, perspiration and many hours are being invested in dreams of a new lean body and good health. Take a look around. Advanced lifters, working with form and focus, apply good technique and concentration. The intermediate trainees are more random in their workouts but they have experienced some early success and work hard. In the third and largest group are beginners and usually they are completely lost. They don’t understand the principles of resistance training, don’t have a plan and don’t know how to perform the basic movements. They go haphazardly through the motions, flirt with injury, see minimal improvement and usually drop out. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! The fundamental principles of weight training are simple. Here are the top five that will take you a long way toward becoming lean, strong and fit. 1. FORM AND FUNCTION. You have to understand the movement and the purpose of each exercise. Books or online videos are good learning tools if you pay attention to the details. Forget about the “muscle mags”. The quickest way to get off to a good start is to hire an experienced certified personal trainer
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The Number 1 Way For Obese People To Lose The Fat

November 9, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Fat loss, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Lynn VanDyke The number one way for obese people to lose fat is the same for those that are only 20 pounds overweight. Strength training is the best way to cut through fat and burn through calories. There’s no difference between strength training for the obese and strength training for everyone else. When we strength train, we add lean muscle mass to our body. This lean muscle mass burns through 35-50 calories per pound of muscle every single day. Let’s take a look at that number from a different point of view. If we have 5 pounds of lean muscle, that muscle will burn about 250 calories a day. Here comes the fun part. If we have 10 pounds of lean muscle mass, then our muscles burn about 500 calories a day. Hopefully you can see why adding lean muscle is the best way to lose fat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that we are obese if we have a BMI (body mass index) of 30.0 or greater. Being obese is not healthy. It leads to a host of diseases and illnesses. I’m almost positive you already knew that. Obese and over weight people can use functional exercises to begin changing their health. Exercises like squats and bicep curls will help strengthen the muscles we use in everyday movements. Often these movements are difficult for obese people. Keep up your workout routine and you’ll notice that getting in and out of the car, walking to the
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Eating Out Can Be Hazardous To Your Waistline

November 7, 2013 in Diet, Exercise, Recipes, weight loss, Weight Loss Methods

By: Lee Dobbins Going out to eat can really put the brakes on your weight loss program unless you have exceptional control over what you eat. Although many restaurants now offer choices for many types of diets, it’s whats on the rest of the menu that might tempt you to stray. Often high in salt, sugar and oil most restaurant food tends to be higher in calories that what you might prepare for yourself. And Americans are eating out more and more. According to Dr. Caroline Cederquist, a physician who specializes in weight management, less than 20 percent of the calories Americans consumed were eaten outside the home in 1978 but in 2003, that number had climbed to 50 percent. Combine that with the fact that obesity in Americans is growing each year with as many as two thirds of Americans being overweight and you might come to the conclusion that eating out can be hazardous to your waistline. One problem is that restaurants often serve huge portions. That combined with the fact that we have been conditioned to clean our plates can result in a huge weight problem. You may feel morally obligated to eat everything on your plate -even if your health and your weight might suffer as a result. If you eat out a lot, you may become accustomed to these large portions and start to eat like that at home as well. Another problem with restaurant eating is that they often serve bread or rolls –
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